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The Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association welcomes all hygienists licensed in the state of Wisconsin to join us to work toward better care for your patients and for the advancement of the profession.   Student hygienists are also welcomed to be a part of the organization.  There are opportunities for all members to be actively involved, however undertaking a leadership role is not required for membership.  Every membership dollar is an integral part of advocating for your profession.

2018 WI-DHA Executive Board

From left to right – Sharri Crowe (Treasurer), Sheri Brunette (Vice President), Megen Lube (ADHA Oral Health Institute Liason),  Jen Martinson (Immediate Past President), Stacey Bisenius (President),  Kelly Schroeder (President-Elect)
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We would like to introduce you to your colleagues who have taken the opportunity to lead the Association.    We encourage you to read the Letter from the President, learn more about membership, read about how you can be involved in current legislation,  join us for an event,  and contact us with any questions you may have.

We are here to help you in your profession and to improve our patients’ health throughout the state.

Stacey Bisenius
Stacey BiseniusPresident
Kelly Schroeder
Kelly SchroederPresident-Elect
Jen Martinson
Jen MartinsonImmediate Past President & Public Health Contact Chair
Sheri Brunette
Sheri BrunetteVice President
Sharri Crowe
Sharri CroweTreasurer
Kathy MannSecretary
Channon KennedySpeaker
Connie Traynor
Connie TraynorComponent Relations Director
Karen TurnerEducation Director
Tara Buda
Tara BudaCommunications Director
Amanda LaPean
Amanda LaPeanMembership Director
Michelle StrenkStudent Engagement Director
Linda Jorgenson
Linda JorgensonGovernmental Affairs Director & Policy/Bylaws Contact Chair