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February 2019 Newsletter

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Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition (WOHC) Newsletters

WOHC LogoThe Wisconsin Oral Health Coalition (WOHC) is a dedicated group of more than 200 individuals, organizations and agencies addressing oral health access issues and working to improve oral health for all residents statewide. View member agencies. View the WOHC prospective member guide and membership application.

The WOHC Steering Committee meets monthly and serves as the governing body comprised of members from different backgrounds and professions.

“We work to create meaningful change to improve oral health and access to care through diverse public and private partnerships.

Hylife, LLC Newsletters

WOHC LogoHyLife, LLC Hylife LLC, focuses on the care and service of older dependent adults; specifically, those residing in assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing communities. They also provide oral care services and support to alternative care programs serving dependent adults such as P.A.C.E, home health, and companion care resources throughout the US.

“Our mission is to be change agents by addressing the oral health and well-being of dependent adults. We believe this demographic, specifically elders, are at great risk of literally “dying from dirty teeth” and we plan to do something about that.

Through education, community engagement, and by providing targeted oral care services we believe the field of aging services will be empowered to impact quality, add value and enhance the customer experience. We believe this is the ultimate win-win for all parties.”   –Hylife, LLC

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