WI-DHA Student Scholarship Silent Auction Request for Items

Application for WI-DHA Student Scholarship 1

We need to support future RDHs

WI-DHA is reaching out to leadership and members to support the silent auction through donations such as jewelry, clothing accessories (purses, scarfs, etc.), handmade items (baby clothes, etc. are a big hit), household decorations, outdoor decorations, travel excursions or events such as baseball games or music events. Theme baskets are a great idea, as well. Ask your friends and relatives to help! They may be excellent crafters or have access to event tickets or other popular activities.

Location and Date:

WI-DHA Indigo Conference

Friday September 29 and Saturday, September 30, 2023.

If you plan on attending the conference, bring your items to registration area Thursday night or Friday morning.  We need at least 35-50 items to reach our goal of $3,000. If you cannot make the conference, call me and I can make arrangements to pick up the item.

Contact Linda Bohacek to let her know your item description and the market value of item at [email protected]  or 715-579-5009