To guide the evolution of the dental hygiene profession to facilitate optimal oral and systemic health.


Integration of dental hygienists into the healthcare delivery system as primary care providers. Dental hygienists will practice to the fullest extent of their education, training, and licensure to improve access to oral health care.

WI-DHA’S GOALS are to …

  • Advance the profession of dental hygiene at the state level
  • Facilitate the preparation of dental hygienists to practice an evolving scope in expanded settings
  • Expand the influence of dental hygienists in the health care arena
  • Have the infrastructure to support its core ideology and vision

Read more about the specific WI-DHA Policies, the detailed document which guides the Association’s various interactions

Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association, WI-DHA

Understanding the Organizational Structure

Members of WI-DHA are automatically members of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (adha.org). The National level represents the interests of all dental hygienists across the nation and provides educational and professional development. ADHA consists of 12 geographic districts, each of which represents a group of members or constituents. The national organization receives input from the constituent and components through elected district trustees.

DISTRICT (Region or group of States)
The National Association is organized into 12 Districts comprised of groups of states. The Wisconsin Dental Hygienist’s Association is part of District VII, which includes: Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

The Wisconsin Constituent (WI-DHA) serves Wisconsin dental hygiene members by informing them of national policies and programs, monitoring legislation, and providing continuing education.

Each State is divided into Components.  Component Liaiasons form the first line of involvement for individual members. The components implement community service programs, continuing education, and WI-DHA resources for local dental hygienists. Wisconsin components include: Northwest, Southeast, Central, Lacrosse, Bay Area, Fox Valley, and Madison. Each member is assigned to a component by ADHA based on residential address.

YOU (Individual Professional Member)
The individual member is extremely important for the success of the Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association at the local, state, and national levels. Dental hygienists have the important role of advocating for patients and for the dental hygiene profession.

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