Advocacy is Necessary to Achieve Legislative Success

WI-DHA Members at the CapitolUnderstanding the purpose of and need for a strong professional advocacy program is the first step in achieving legislative success.  It is important to know what role the WI-DHA plays in these efforts and, more importantly, what role you play in this process. The Legislative Process:  This is the process by which laws are made.  This is important for the Dental Hygiene profession as it is a legislated profession. This means the dental hygiene scope of practice is determined and defined by legislators and Dental Examining Board. Members of WI-DHA, are advocates for dental hygienists and for the patients they serve. Advocacy is a major function of the WI-DHA. By being politically active, WI-DHA members demonstrate to their legislators they are committed to advancing profession to better serve patients.

There are three factors needed to move legislative action in Wisconsin:

  1. Merit (legitimacy of your issue). Explain clearly to legislators what problem exists, who is impacted by it, why it must be fixed and how to fix it.
  2. Funding. The need for financial support is important to fund the cost of running a political campaign. WI-DHA has a fund specific to dental hygiene related advocacy called WI-HYPAC.
  3. Membership. There is power in numbers and having many voices speak for a common concern.  can be the most effective way to achieve success in the legislature.  A constituent or voter from a specific Wisconsin community can help educate and influence legislators for that area more effectively than anyone else. WI-DHA can achieve the level of success it needs with an active, well organized membership.
To find the Representative and Senator who represents your area go to:

EFDA proposed bill-Action help needed from you!

It is a valuable time to be a member and I thank all current members for your support of our organization!
If your not yet a member, I personally invite you to experience the incredible value of the ONLY national association dedicated to our profession at

May 2021
��WDA has proposed bill LRB-1534/1. This is a bill on EFDA (expanded function dental auxiliaries). We want to make the hygiene community fully aware that there is wording of supragingival scaling listed in the proposed bill. WI-DHA is not in opposition of the bill, we are in opposition of the language supragingival scaling. We feel having a razor sharp scaler in the hands of an assistant is not safe for our patients. Hygienists have learned a lot in preparation to safely and effectively use a razor sharp scaler.
WI-DHA is asking that all hygienist reach out to share with your representative how you feel about the EFDA proposed bill. We encourage you to request an amendment by removing supragingival scaling from the proposed bill.
If you are opposed to scaling assistants, you need to take action and share with your representative how you feel. They need to hear from you NOW!!!!!
Contact your local lawmaker and ask them to amend the proposal by removing supragingival scaling.
Click here to find out who your senator and assembly representatives are.

WI-DHA membership is so important right now, please share this information and invite those who are not members yet to join. We have strength in numbers and need support from the whole dental hygiene community.
Below you will find documents to see the proposed bill and to learn more about EFDA and communication tools.

Amanda LaPean RDH, BA
WI-DHA President 2020-2021

June 10th 2021- Update
EFDA bill was officially introduced today as SB392 Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliaries. It has been assigned to the Committee on Insurance, Licensing and Fore

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