WI-DHA offers a wide variety of benefits specifically designed to help better “Empower, Support and Develop” its members.

The national organization has partnered with several companies, keeping in mind what our members have expressed as beneficial to their everyday lives. These benefits are applicable both personally and professionally.

All WI-DHA members are eligible to receive the benefits. A comprehensive listing and information on how to redeem the benefits can be found by logging into your member’s only account and clicking on the member resources page.

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Your membership in WI-DHA directly contributes to having a voice at the Capitol and impacting legislation.
State and federal legislation and policy affect your career, and your patient’s health,
by determining how and where you can practice dental hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: A licensed dental hygienist who lives or works in the state of WI is eligible to join.

A: Membership is currently less than seventy cents a day. For membership dues and information contact [email protected].

A: That’s the best part — for one low price, you become a member of ALL THREE ORGANIZATIONS! ADHA is a “tripartite” organization which means all members must belong to the national organization (ADHA), the state or “constituent” organization (WI-DHA), plus one of seven Wisconsin Components (based on where you live).

A: Because ADHA and WI-DHA are the national and state organizations which represent you as a dental hygienist – they are the organizations to which you can turn for the most reliable, supportive, hygiene-focused, information and connections. No other organization focuses on the interests of dental hygienists in quite the same way. Your membership provides you with:

• Access magazine – the official publication of ADHA
• Journal of Dental Hygiene – the dental hygiene research publication
• Discounts on some goods and services
• Opportunities for networking with other dental hygienists
• Leadership support and development
• Career support
• Continuing education that is focused on your needs as a dental hygienist
• Advocacy on behalf of your interests as a dental hygiene professional
• Advocacy on behalf of public health especially as it relates to the role of dental hygienists
• National, state and local connections
• Connections to volunteer opportunities / public health initiatives (Special Olympics – Health Education and Athlete Screenings, Head Start Screenings, Seal-A-Smile clinics, Give Kids a Smile projects, Mission of Mercy, and many others)
• Opportunities to participate in the growth and development of your chosen profession

If you move or change your name, it is important for you to contact the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services
and update your membership profile at the ADHA to inform them of the change.

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