• Student Presentation Application

  • Please read all instructions and guidelines before completing the application.
    All information must be completed in full before any application will be accepted.
    Additional applications may be copied.


    1. Identify a theme or topic for your poster presentation.
    2. Research your topic thoroughly and have reference documentation available.
    3. Be prepared for questions and discussion.
    4. Be prepared to communicate the information clearly within the allotted seven minutes. Practice your presentation so that you can discuss the key points without reading directly from note cards.
    5. Prepare your poster to effectively communicate and supplement what you are saying. Avoid using sensationalized comments or images. The presentation should be professional and based in sound science and qualified references.
    6. Practice your presentation with friends and colleagues. Ask for constructive criticism.

    1. Up to four presenters are allowed for each poster.
    2. Professional attire is required. Please keep in mind that presenters will be standing during the entire judging process. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
    3. Displaying a dental hygiene program name or name tag during judging is strictly prohibited. Do not wear name tags with school affiliation. Those who do not comply will be disqualified from the competition.
    4. Presentations must not exceed seven minutes. A two to three minute question and answer portion will follow after concluding the presentation.
    5. Trade names on products and or instruments are allowed to be identified.
    6. Drugs names are allowed to be identified by their trade, commercial or product name. However, drug names must be referenced by their generic name or chemical makeup following the initial statement of the trade, commercial or product name.
    7. Posters will be judged by three randomly assigned judges.
    8. Advertising matter, commercial promotion and solicitation of sales of any type are prohibited.
    9. Posters must be confined to the size of the billboard provided (4’ x 8’), and in landscape layout.

    Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will disqualify the poster from active competition and it will not be judged.

  • Presenter Information

    Up to four presenters are allowed per presentation.

  • First Presenter (Primary Contact)
  • Second Presenter
  • Third Presenter
  • Fourth Presenter
  • For questions please contact Student Engagement Director at [email protected]
  • Student Advisor
  • Presentation Information
  • Your presentation will be evaluated on the objective and abstract. Please remember that failure to comply with the “Rules and Regulations” as well as the “Poster Presentation Rules and Guidelines” will disqualify the presentation from active competition. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
    I hereby release and agree to hold harmless the WDHA and the proprietor and operator from any and all liability for damages or loss to my goods or property while located on hotel premises.
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